Angry Birds Cheats on Facebook - Ultimate hack

Angry Birds facebook
Angry Birds Cheats on Facebook - Ultimate hack
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  • Unlimited and free power-ups (except Mighty Eagle)
  • All power-ups can be used together
  • Improved Laser Sight powerup
  1. Open Firefox
  2. Drag The Leethax.xpi on Mozilla Firefox
  3. A popup will appear asking you to install the extension. Click Install.
  4. Restart the Mozilla Firefox
  5. Go to Tool > Add Ons > Extension to make sure its enabled
  6. Play Angry Bird facebook

Mighty Eagle is excluded from the cheat because the game servers won't accept your destruction score unless you spend a Mighty Eagle during the game.

2012.07.10 - Game update
2012.06.20 - Game update
2012.05.30 - Game update
2012.05.24 - Game update

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