Backyard Monster Cheats - Level up hack

Backyard Monsters Cheats

Backyard Monster - Level Hack + Stop Leveling Up

Tools: you can search them all on google


  1. Open Charles Web proxy debugger
  2. Play Backyard Monsters on facebook - Click here
  3. Collect some resource from harvesters
  4. In Charles go to > api > bm > base, and look for the last save?ts session
  5. Click on it and then go to Request > Form
  6. Find "points" in it
  7. Open Cheat Engine (CE)
  8. Click mini cpu icon at the top left of cheat engine or the small box under file tab Select plugin_container.exe(firefox) or chrome.exe(google chrome) under rundll32.exe
  9. Set value type from "4 bytes" to "Double"
  10. Search for your points that you found in Charles by clicking "First Scan".
  11. 1 or 2 values found.
  12. Put them to Adress List and change them to about "-1000000000"
  13. Now you should be level 0 actually level -40...
  14. You can now play and you don't have to be scared of getting banned because of Instant Leveling..

NOTE: You can change value to a positive and actually hack the level, but be careful, you can easily get banned!

Credits: berny22

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