Battle Pirates Cheats - Mega Pack hack

battle pirates

Battle Pirates Cheats and hacks


- Instant Blueprints (all open including the hailstorm anti mortar)
- HammerHead Hulls open (both)
- Advanced Shipyard
- Instant Resources
- Instant Upgrade
- Instant Build
- Instand Ship build
- Instant Research
- Instant Ship Repair
- Instant Repair
- Instant Rocket
- Instant Wall Upgrade (click buy)
- Fleet Rank Up
- Extra Capacity for resoruces
- Map Speed X2
- Hack Checks Removed and a few new things



  1. Open Charles
  2. Go to Backyard Monsters
  3. In Charles find > GAME > ASSETS
  4. Right click gamev.vxx.vxx.swf and choose MAP LOCAL (xx is random numbers)
  5. Look “Map To” , Click “Choose” , Open facebookhaxBYM
  6. And Click “OK”
  7. Clear Browser Cache
  8. Reload Battle pirates
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battle pirates cheats

battle pirates hacks

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