CSI: Crime City Cheats - Coins Hack

CSI: Crime City
CSI: Crime City Cheats - Coins  Hack

  • Charles Web Debugger
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  1. Open charles Web Debugger
  2. Go to CSI : Crime CITY > Level UP - Click here
  3. In Charles, find and expand this line 'http://www.csifacebook.com'
  4. You will see a lot of 'flash_gateway.php'
  5. Find the 'flash_gateway.php' with the word 'rewardFunding' (SEE IMAGE BELOW)
  6. RIGHT CLICK and sekect 'Repeat Adv...' (1000 iteration and 10 concurrency)
  7. Once DONE. Reload your browser
  8. HAVE FUN.

CSI: Crime City facebook

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