Ninja Saga Cheats - Hack 50TP, Lvl78 New

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Ninja Saga Hack 50 TP and Lvl 78
Credits: gamebloginf

  1. Go to Ninja Saga
  2. Open Fiddler2 and Click "Autoresponder tab" (which his lightning green icon)
  3. Then tick ​​the box "Enable automatic responses" and also "Permit passthrough for Unmatched request"
  4. Drag and Drop Swf files into "Column Autoresponder"
  5. Clear browser cache in browser
  6. Go to Mission
  7. Done
How to clear browser cache (shortcut key: hold ctrl+shift+delete)
Mozilla Firefox:
Click Tools > Clear Recent History > Check Cache > Press Clear Now
Google Chrome:
Click Tools Icon (at the top right) > Click Options > Under The Hood > Clear Browser Cache
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