The Ville Cheats and Hacks

The Ville Cheats - Home Value Hack



  1. Go to The Ville on facebook - Click here
  2. Open Charles
  3. Right Click and select breakpoints on this line ( // flashservices // gateway.php)
  4. Open market and buy any item and place it in city. E.g : Plastique pepper ( giving +40 add home value )
  5. A breakpoint tab will appear in charles go to AMF find for params / changes/ amount 
  6. Change the integer to string (so you can have more then 99 million otherwise you will got error) and change the number to whatever number you want 
  7. Go back to session 1 and disable breakpoint then execute at breakpoint
  8. Refresh your game, home value will change!


The Ville Cheats and Hacks screenshot

the ville
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