Mars Frontier Cheats - Damage hack (DMG)

Mars Frontier Cheats Damage hack

Mars Frontier Cheats - Damage hack (DMG)
Credits: Morgs888 @ elitepvpers
Tested and Working as of 08/24/2012


  • Charles Web Proxy Debugger - Click here
  • Google Chrome or firefox
  • Mars Frontier FILE - CLICK HERE
Steps - cheat2dmax
  1. Open Charles Web Proxy Debugger.
  2. Go to Mars Frontier-  play mars frontier - Click here
  3. In Charles, find and expand this line ""
  4. Right click gamedata.js and select "Map Local"
  5. Click on the "Choose" that you downloaded from link above!
  6. Clear your browser cache (The most important)
  7. Realod Mars Frontier
  8. Build lots of mining droids and send them to war! 
  9. Fight only the computer!
  10. HAVE FUN!

Note: Kill the enemies droids first. because those are super range and damage hack also when the hack is activated.

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