Chefville Cheats - Items hack (Charles)

Chefville facebook cheat hack

Chefville Cheats - Items hack (Charles)
Tested and Working as of 09/19/2012
Credits: Globuli


  1. Open Charles Web Proxy Debugger
  2. Go to Chief Ville on facebook - Click here to play
  3. Right click "" and seleect breakpoints
  4. Open market
  5. Buy something (eg flowers for 5 coins)
  6. A breakpoints tab will appear
  7. Click edit request > Click amf
  8. Search and select "m_objectDefinitionKey"
  9. Change the value to (Click here to download the codes)
  10. Do Step 3 or click the red button(to disable the breakpoints) 
  11. Reload game
  12. HAVE FUN!!!

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