KingsRoad Cheats - Speedhack, Rapid Attack and Range hack (CTV18)


KingsRoad Cheats - Speedhack, Rapid Attack and Range hack
Tested and working as of May 2016

Added Speed Hack Zero to V18 so that you are able to freeze the game when the loading is 60% or 70%. It may work for some people, if not all you can do is be fast.

Requirements for Kingsroad Game Hack:
  • Cheat Engine - Click here or Click here
  • AobswapPlugin (to avoid the errors) Click here or Click here
  • Firefox or Chrome Browsers (better us it on firefox)
  • Winrar to extract the files
  • 2016 Cheat Ctrainer New Visit Click here
  • Kingsroad Cheat CT V18 2016 - Click here 
  • Alternative Cheat CT link V18 - Click here
  • PASSWORD(do not copy spaces) - CLICK HERE
  • Wait 5-7 sec > Visit Link, Click Skip Ad at the top right > Click the Download button
Features of Kingsroad CT cheat:
  • Attack Speed / Rapid Attack
  • Movement Speed Increase
  • Auto Attack / Auto Loot
  • Range / Distance hack
  • Attack Barrel
  • Bypass
  • Add Slots (New)
  • New Cheat Remote stash and teleport - allow you to use vault in the battle, use C or I keys. (New)
NOTE: Activate the cheat when the loading is 50% to 70%. Be fast! or better your firefox browser, set the speedhack to 0 and enable cheats when loading is 60% t o 90% or when you see soldier kingsroad logo.

To get process ID: chrome://memory-redirect to get pepper plugin and convert it to HEX using the calculator.

Steps to enable cheats:
  1. Go to KingsRoad on facebook - CLICK HERE
  2. Run Cheat Engine. you must download the latest version
  3. Attach process id the second FlashPlayerPlugin.exe (scroll down to find it) 
  4. Watch the video tutorial below for chrome to know how to get the correct process ID
  5. Open the CTfile (Kingsroad Cheat.ct) that you've just downloaded from link above.
  6. Tick the boxes below active tab
  7. Click play. Enjoy! Watch the below for clear tutorial using chrome and firefox!
KingsRoad, Cheats,Speedhack, Rapid Attack, Range, hack

Firefox Tutorial Video Kingsroad Cheats

Chrome Tutorial Video For Kingsroad Hack

AobSwapPlugin Installation Video to make sure no errors you will encounter

Steps: OLD
  1. Go to KingsRoad on facebook - CLICK HERE
  2. Open kingsRoad32b_1-9 that you download from link above.
  3. Select browser (FirefoxChrome or Explorer) and then click 'Attach'
  4. Enable any cheat or activate them all by clicking 'Enable all'
  5. Click play
  6. Enjoy!

kingsroad on facebook working hack, be fast before it gets patched, attack speed, speedhack and range hack.
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