Dragon City Cheats Max 300 Gems [Added 20 Gems Link]

Dragon City Cheats Max 300 Gems [Added new links]

12-GEM LINK 2/22/16- Click here

Food, Gold and Gems 2/21/15 – Click here

MultiTools With Gems – Click here

8/4/15 20 Gems Link Added [CLICK HERE

300 Gems Link [CLICK HERE

Random gems[CLICK HERE

64 Gems you can get [CLICK HERE] (Dragon City Get gems Please Submit After 30 Sec To Avoid 30 Mins Ban)


Dragon City Food Cheats Max 100 Gems You Can get just follow the steps below

Dragon City Gems Cheat Steps:
  1. Play Dragon City [CLICK HERE]
  2. Open the Cheat Link Above
  3. Right click on white part of browser and select 'View Frame Source'
  4. Ctrl+F and then then type the keyworkds "sessionId" and "userId
  5. How to find Userkey and Session Id Video Below
  6. Click on "Check Id Facebook
  7. Next, Click on "Submit button"
  8. Wait 20s and then reload the game to see the result
  9. Have fun.

Watch the video to know how to find your USERID and SESSION ID
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