Hero Defense Damage Hack (1 Hit Kill)

Hero Defense on facebook

Hero Defense Damage Hack. kill your enemy instantly by using this Hero Defense Cheat. it has been tested and working as of November 16, 2014
Made by Bulatehking @ Cheat2Dmax

Hero Defense: This hack doesn't need speed, hp, or range hack because DAMAGE hack is enough to kill those tough monsters and get 3 stars. This cheat requires Cheat Engine 6.4 and CT file that can be downloaded from links below!

Requirements for Hero Defense Hack:
It is also working at Heroes of the Banned on Facebook - Click Here

Features of Defense Cheat:
  • DMG hack (OHK)
Hero Defense Game DMG Steps: 
  1. Play Game on facebook
  2. Open Cheat Engine
  3. Attach process 2nd FlashPlayerPlugin.exe" (for chrome seethe video)
  4. Open the file  that you've just downloaded from link above.
  5. Tick the boxes below active tab
  6. Click play, Enjoy! Watch the below for Hero Defense cheat using chrome and for clear tutorial!!!
Hero Defense Damage Hack (1 Hit Kill)

Hero Defense Hack Video Tutorial:

Hero Defense VIP,  Gold, Medals and Gems.
Hero Items using Cheat Engine. Free to download

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