KingsRoad Cheats // Rapid Attack, Movement Speed, Auto Attack & Range hack 2016 V18

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KingsRoad Cheats Rapid Attack,Speed, Auto Attack & Range Free & Safe 2016 this hack you can deafest enemies and level-up easier to get more exciting items. Kingsroad cheat is tested and working as of Sunday, May 08, 2016. this cheat is made : CheatBrasil Recommended to use in FIREFOX BROWSER, easy to implement.

Update Info
Kingsroad Hack Ctrainer V18. This cheat requires Cheat Engine installed, CT/Ctrainer file and AobswapPlugin(Watch the video below). All these requirements can be downloaded from the links below. When the cheat got patched, feel free to message me.

KingsRoad Cheat Important Notes:
- Freeze game at the 60% or 80% loading or When you see the Kingsroad background with soldiers.
- Copy AobswapPlugin.lua at the "autorun folder" in the Cheat Engine Directory. You can watch the video tutorial below for this. and to avoid error "Error:[string "Aobswap"
- Attach only "FlashPlayerPlugin" NOT plugin-container
- Speedhack 0 = freeze the game
- Speedhack 1 = unfreeze the game
- Visit chrome://memory-redirect to get PID
- If you want to use it on google chrome do make sure only game tab is open, close the other tabs.

Requirements for Kingsroad Hack: - PASSWORD (to extract the files) - CLICK HERE
- Kingsroad Cheat CETrainer V18 2015 - Click here
- Kingsroad Cheat CTrainer V18 Alternative - Click here
- If you want CT cheat - Click here

Features KingsRoad Cheats:
  • Bypass (to avoid detection)
  • Rapid Attack or Speed Attack (Increase rate of attack/fire)
  • Movement Speedhack (Increase movespeed)
  • Auto Loot and Attack (Automatically loot items/gold)
  • Range or Distance Hack (Attack from far distance)
  • Auto attack barrels (Automatically attack barrels/boxes)
  • Remote Stash - Allow you to use vault in the battle

Steps for KingsRoad CEtrainer Hack:
- Download all requirements and install Cheat Engine 6.4
- Go to KingsRoad Game on Facebook
- Open Trainer  and Attach "FlashPlayerPlugin" for firefox (for chrome/opera before activate you need to close other tabs)
- When the loading is 60% or 90% or when you see the warriors, select Speedhack 0 and then click enable
- Click "Anti-cheat and then click "Enable All" cheat or any hack you want
- To unfreeze the game enable the "speedhack 1" Have fun!
- You can watch the Kingsroad Cheat Video Tutorial Below for more details about the hack.

AobswapPlugin Installtion Video Tutorial to enable Kingsroad Cheat.

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