War Commander Cheat Instant Upgrade Hack 2015

War Commander on facebook

War Commander Cheat Instant Upgrade Hack 2015

This cheat is working and tested as of Monday, February 09, 2015

By this hack you can upgrade your any buildings or Command Center Instantly.(It changes time, metal and wood value)
It doesn't work with upgrade that needed thorium.

Use at your own risk!
if you're afraid of banned you better try it first to your secondary account.

This cheat required Cheat Engine and Codes that can be download from links below and follow instructions below.

  • Cheat Engien 6.4 [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD]
  • Cheat Engine Alternative [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
  • Firefox/Chrome
  • CodesClick Here
  • Wait 5-7 sec > Click Skip Ad > Click Download > if "themediastorage" click FREE DOWNLOAD > Free download below > scroll down and wait a few secs again and then click download.
Step for this cheat:
  1. Go to War Commander on Facebook - Click here
  2. Open Cheat Engine
  3. Attach process the 2nd "FlashPlayerPlugin..exe" or "Plugin-Container.exe"
  4. Watch the videos below to find the correct process for chrome
  5. Untick/Uncheck "Writable"
  6. Change value type to "Array of bytes"
  7. First Scan "Download Codes Above"
  8. Double click the address found
  9. Change the value to "Download Codes Above"
  10. Done! Enjoy!
  11. Watch the videos below for clear tutorial

Watch Video Tutorials (FIREFOX BROWSERS)

Watch Video Tutorials (CHROME USERS) different game but same process getting PID

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