Warzone Cheat Idle Enemy Hack Updated 2015 V3

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Warzone Cheat Idle Enemy Hack Updated 2015. The function of this Warzone Hack is to freeze the enemy not able to attack or move so that you kill them easier. Tested and working as of July 2015

This hack requires Warzone Cheat Engine and CT file that can be downloaded from the links below! If the Hack got patched, feel me to ask for an update.

Warzone hack Features: (Enemies cannot move and shoot)
Idle Enemy Campaign
Idle Enemy PVP
Requirements for Warzone Hack:
Steps: How to cheat Warzone
  1. Download all required tools and then extract them anywhere you want.
  2. Play Game on Facebook https://apps.facebook.com/warzonegame/
  3. Open Cheat Engine and select process (the mini blinking cpu icon)
  4. Choose process "Plugin-Container.exe or the 2nd FlashPlayerPlugin.exe" (or watch the video 2 below)
  5. Watch the video if you ue juse chrome
  6. Open the file (Warzonehack.CT)that you've downloaded from link above.
  7. Tick/Check the boxes below active tab (X means successful)
  8. Enjoy! Watch the below for clear tutorial for Warzone Cheat 2015!

Cheat Engine Firefox Users Tutorial. Other game but same process.

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