UnderFire Cheats - Rapid, Ammo, Speed & Jump Hack

UnderFire, Cheat,   Rapid, Ammo, Speed, Jump, Hack

UnderFire Cheats - Rapid, Ammo, Speed & Jump Hack
Tested and working as of March 12, 2015

UnderFire on facebo ok working cheats.Download it now before it gets patched!
This cheat contains a lot of awesome hacks! This cheat required Cheat Engine, CT file and AobswapPlugin all of them can be downloaded from the links below.

Note: AobswapPlugin must be placed in autorun folder, you watch the tutorial below. This is important!

Requirements :
This CT method is so easy to learn, just watch the videos below and read the steps carefully. Have fun.

Features of UnderFire Hack:
  • Speedhack 30%
  • Speedhack 50%
  • Jump hack
  • Rapid Attack/Fire
  • Infinite Ammo
Steps to know how to enable UnderFire CT hack:
  1. Copy AobswapPlugin to autorun folder of Cheat Engine (see video below)
  2. Go to UnderFire on facebook - click here
  3. Open Cheat Engine and Attach process "Plugin-Container.exe"
  4. Watch the video below for chrome
  5. Open the file (underfirecheat.ct)
  6. Tick the boxes below active tab (choose desired cheats)
  7. Go back to game and have fun cheat UnderFire.
Note: Activate rapid and unlimited ammo hack after you fired some bullets

Video Tuorial UnderFire Cheats - Rapid, Ammo, Speed & Jump Hack: Firefox browser

How to find process for Chrome. For Fixfox watch the video below!
Other game but same process to get prcoess ID

Steps: Trainer
  1. Go to UnderFire on facebook - click here
  2. Open the cheat file that you've just download from link above.
  3. Choose browser
  4. Enable all cheats.(Check the boxes below active TAB)
  5. Have fun!
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UnderFire Trainer, UnderFire Free Download
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