Angry Gran Run Cheat Coins Hack Buy and Upgrade All

Angry Gran Run on facebook

Angry Gran Run Cheat Coins Hack Works 100%. By this Angry Gran Run Facebook Game hack you are able to full upgrade POWERUPS like coin multiplier and buy a lot of consumables permanent them and even all the costumes. This has been tested and working as of April 2015.

Play Angry Gran Run on Facebook:

It needs Cheat Engine, Download it below This Angry Gran Run Cheat has been tested using firefox and definitely works on chrome too if you find the correct process, you watch the video tutorial below.

Below is the tutorial for Angry Gran Run Coins Hack:

- Go to Game and Open Cheat Engine any version - Download CE here
- Select process (plugin-container or chrome.exe) see video tutorials below.
- Scan the amount of your coins. visit store to see it. ex. 44
- Play to earn more coins or spend some.
- Next scan new amount of coins. ex. 55
- Repeat the steps till 3 or 4 address found
- Move down the address and change the values to 9999999 or any amount you want.

Done!!!! Have Fun Cheating Angry Gran Run Game!!!

Ctrl+Click to select multiply addresses and then click the red arrow to move them down.
To change the values, click any address below or in Cheat Table, CTRL+A to select all and then right click select "Change Record" and then click the "Value"

See Angry Gran Run Coins Cheat Tutorial below using mozilla firefox browser or if you're using chrome see video below, this is not Angry Gran Run Game but same process to get the PID for Cheat Engien and then back to this first video for cheat steps.

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