Blockade3D Cheat Infinite Ammo Hack

Blockade3D on facebook

Blockade3D Cheat Infinite Ammo Hack. the funtion of it is to give you an unlimited bullets to be able to kill a lot of players. Blockade3D hack has beed tested and working as of April 2015 using Firefox and Chrome, Facebook.

Download all the requirements from the links below. AobswapPlugin, CEtrainer and Install Cheat Engine to be able to run the CEtrainer. This Blockade3D  Hack has been tested using firefox. if you want to use it on chrome, choose process chrome.exe and no other tabs should be open aside the Blockade3D tab.

Notes: Aobswap Plugin Lua should be copied to Autorun Folder inside Cheat Engine Directory to enable cheat perfectly. see video steps below to know more.

Play Blockade3D Game on Facebook:

Download required tools here:
Download and Install aobSwapplugin.Lua Click Here or try this alternative CLICK HERE
Download Cheat Engine Latest Version 6.4
CEtrainer Cheat Blockade3D V.1 Click this to download
Alternative Link Blockade3D Hack V.1 Click here

Features of Blockade3 Cheat: Ammo Hack

Below is the tutorial to enable Blockade3D Ammo hack:
- Login facebook & enter game.
- Insta;l Cheat Engine & AobswapPlugin.lua
- Open CEtrainer Blockade3d Hack V1
- Choose processid it depends on your browser, chrome.exe or plugin-container.exe.
Note: for chrome, find and convert Unity Plugin PID NOT pepper plugin
- Activate the Cheat before you shot some bullets.
- Select the Unlimited Ammo & click the ENABLE button.
- Have Fun!!! Watch the Blockade3D Hack CEtrainer video below:

This is not Blockade3D but same process to get PID and then video above to cheat process:

Video Tutorial to add AobswapPlugin in the Autorun:
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