Kings Rush Cheat // Life and Coins Hack 2015

Kings Rush Cheats - Life & Coins Hack Free & Works 100%.By this hack you are able to max you cart, boosters and unlock frostland and grassland so easily. This cheat is tested and working as of Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Kings Rush Hack Lives and Coins Hack require Cheat Engine and CT FILE that can be downloaded from the links below. If the links are broken or cheat got patched, feel free to PM me. Enjoy!

Hack Tools Requirements For Kings Rush Cheat:
Kings Rush Cheat Link CT FILE [CLICK HERE]

Kings Rush Alternative [CLICK HERE]

Features of this hack:
Life hack
Coins Cheat
Steps Coins Cheat:
  1. Go to Kings Rush on facebook:
  2. Start the Cheat Engine
  3. Select process (click the blinking mini cpu icon) Choose the second "FlashPlayerPlugin"
  4. Watch the video 2 below if you are using chrome
  5. Go Fight and earn some coins
  6. Tick/Check boxes below active to enable the gold hack (X means successful)
  7. End and start new fight!
  8. After the game you will earn the coins 999999
  9. Enjoy!
Steps Kings Rush Lives Hack:
  1. When you are out of lives, Open Cheat Engine > select process and then open the CT FILE
  2. Enable speedhack
  3. Wait untill you get 2 lives
  4. Disable the speedhack
  5. Click FIGHT!
  6. Enjoy!
Watch videos below for clear Kings Rush Hack tutorial!

NOTE: Lives are not permanent, will disappear upon refreshed or fight!

Firefox: Kings Rush Cheat Video Tutorial: 

Chrome: Kings Rush Cheat Video Tutorial. Other game but same steps to get process id

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