Stealth Sniper Cheat Score Ammo Hack FB and Miniclip

Stealth Sniper

Stealth Sniper Hack Score Ammo Cheat Work 100%. the function of this hack you never run out of ammo and earn highest amount of score to defeat boss easily and unlock other rifles.  Stealth Sniper Game Cheat has been tested and working as of April 29, 2015. Have fun!

Features of Stealth Sniper Hack: Bullets and Sore

No other tools required other than Cheat Engine. Download it for free, Visit Here and it works for both Stealth Sniper on facebook and Miniclip.

Login FB and go to game Stealth Sniper on Facebook:
Play Stealth Sniper on Miniclip
1. Open Cheat Engine and then choose process
2. Select process it depends on your browser, if firefox select plugin-container
- A bit hard for Chrome, you need to convert Unity Plugin Id to hex. see video

Let's start to hack Stealth Sniper unlimited bullets or Ammo Cheat:
- First, scan the current amount of bullets in CE. ex. 8
- Use one bullet and pause the game.
- Next scan the new amount of bullets. ex. 7
- Repeat the process till 2 or 1 address found.
- Bring that address and change the value to 999 or any amount you want.

Steps Stealth Sniper Score Cheat:
- Same steps to cheat Stealth Sniper score. Scan current amount of score, earn some and next scan the new amout until few addresses found and then change the values to 999999 or any amount that you want. Enjoy!

Note: Ammo/Score hack is not permanent you need to change it again to 999 every new level or boss. Don't worry you don't need to repeat the steps again, you will repeat it if you refresh the game.

See Stealth Sniper Cheat Ammo and Score Hack Tutorial below using Firefox Mozilla:

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