Brave Tales Cheat Damage, Rapid Attack & Speed Heal Hack

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Brave Tales Cheat Damage, Rapid Attack & Speed Heal Hack. By using this Brave Tales Game Hack you can complete any stages easily and to get may items for mission, supply and skeleton keys. This cheat has been updated, working and tested as of May 2015.

This works on firefox browser 100%. select process FlashPlayerPlugin on CEtrainer (Brave Tales Cheat CEtrainer V1 2015) download it below and Cheat Engine must installed because it is not standalone Trainer. Enjoy!

Requirements for Brave Tales hack:
  • Cheat Engine [Download]
  • CEtrainer Cheat V1 Link 1  [Download] Alternative Link[Download]
  • Any browser (chrome, firefox or IE)
Note: if you want to use this Brave Tales Hack on chrome, select process chrome.exe and do NOT open other tabs other than game tab (only Brave Tales tab opened) to make sure it work on chrome browser.

Features of this CEtrainer Tails Game hack:
Rapid and Damage Attack

Play Brave Tales Game on Facebook:

Steps to Enable Speed Heal, Attack and DMG hack:
  1. Firstly, Download and install cheat engine
  2. Open the CEtrainer (Brave Tales CEtrainer V1)
  3. Hit down arrow to select process
  4. Choose FlashPlayerPlugin as process for firefox
  5. If you wanna use it on chrome,select chrome but when activating only the game tab must opened all other tabs must be closed (see video below for tutorial)
  6. Enable cheat one-by-one or just click on "Enable all hack" button. Enjoy!
Note: Monsters attack and damage will increase too so it's not effective when you have range enemies.

Watch Video Tutorial for enabling Brave Tales Damage and Rapid Hack:

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