I am Fashion Star Cheat Gold and Heart Hack

I am Fashion Star on facebook

I am Fashion Star Cheat Gold, Star and Heart Hack Work and Safe 100%. this hack is very useful at I am Fashion Star Game gives you unlimited gold and heart. This has been tested May 2015

Download the required tools Cheat Engine. No other tools needed only CE and watch the video or read the instructions given below. If  Fashion Star gold hack got patched PM us so that we will try to fix it. Enjoy!  [DOWNLOAD CHEAT ENGINE] - [ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK]

Tutorial to cheat star, gold and heart in I am Fashion Star on facebook:
  1. Firstly, Login FB and Go to Game I am Fashion Star: https://apps.facebook.com/iamfashionstar/
  2. Secondly, Open Cheat Engine and Open the process list. (click on the blinking icon)
  3. Choose the second(2nd) FlashPlayerPlugin. [see video below for chrome]
  4. First scan your current gold. ex. 10
  5. Go buy some lipstick becuase it only cost 2 so that you have enough gold to find the right address
  6. (you need to be a level 2 and up. go quest and earn some exp to level up)
  7. Next the new current amount of the gold ex. 8
  8. Repeat the process till you get the right address(s)
  9. When you found the right address, bring that down by double clicking or click and then click the red arrow.
  10. Change the value to "999" or any amount you want. (click the address below and hit enter to change value)
  11. Buy another lipstick and you will see you gold increasing.
The same method to hack I am Fashion Star Hearts and Stars hack. Have fun!

Watch the video tutorial of I am fashion star gold hack:

This is not Fashion Star Game but same process to get PID for Cheat Engine. for chrome users.

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