Wonder Wood Cheat Upgrade and Finish Building Hack

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Wonder Wood Cheat Upgrade and Finish Building Hack Work 100%. By using this Wonder Wood Hack you are able to upgrade and finish all buildings instantly. follow the procedure below to implement it correctly and to gain XP, there are videos and steps. It has been tested and working as of May 19, 2015.

Info Update:
This hack Wonder Wood Game is working perfectly using firefox (FlashPlayerPlugin), if you wanna use it on chrome you have to close other tabs only the game tab must open and choose process chrome.exe. Enjoy!

All requirements can be downloaded from the links below. It needs Cheat Engine and CEtrainer (Wonder Woon CEtrainer V1), yes it still needs Cheat Engine because it is not standalone trainer.

Features of this Wonder Wood Game Hack:
- Able to upgrade everything
- Finish Building Instantly (No need resources)
- Upgrade Totem and House 0 Silver Coins and Gold Cost

Required for Wonder Wood Upgrade and Building Cheat:

  • WinRAR to extract files [Link]
  • Cheat Engine any version [Download]
  • CEtrainer Wonder Wood Main Link V1 [Download]
  • Alternative CEtrainer Link V1 [Download]
  • Wait 5 secs and then click Visit Link, wait 5 secs again and then click skip button

Steps below to know how to do the hack:

  1. Download Cheat Engine and CEtrainer above.
  2. Go to Game Wonder Wood on Facebook: https://apps.facebook.com/foxytalksy/
  3. Switch to CEtrainer (WonderwoodcetrainerV1)
  4. Select prcoess "FlashPlayerPlugin_17" and "chrome.exe" Note for chrome users do make sure only the game tab is open when enabling the hacks.
  5. Select hack and click Enable or simply click the "Enable All" button. Enjoy!
  6. Watch the video tutorial of Wonder Wood Upgrade and Finish hack below to know more:

I will release Wonder Wood Gold and Silver Coins as well as Energy hack when I finished making it. Have fun!

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