AlphaBetty Saga Hack Infinite Gold Cheat

AlphaBetty Saga Hack Infinite Gold Cheat

AlphaBetty Saga Hack Infinite Gold Cheat 2015 Working 100%. By using this Alphabetty Cheat you can have many golds. this is free and easy to do just see the instructions or video below. Credits: Gamingcc

Info Details: Alphabetty Hack Updated, Tested and working as of October 23, 2015. AlphaBetty Cheat (AB v1) link.

When you encounter adf, just wait a few seconds and then hit the skip-ad on the top right of the screen to back where you at. You can repeat the submit as many as you want.

Get unlimited AlphaBetty Saga Gold by using this hack. Read the steps or watch the video below. This Hack AlphaBetty Saga is easy to do, Load the game visit gamingccalphagold where you can enter you sessionkey to obtain 50 amount of gold per submit.

AlphaBetty Saga Gold Hack Full Steps:
  1. Play AlphaBetty Saga on facebook:
  2. Visit gamingcc website below 
  3. Go back to game. 
  4. At the blank part of the game, right click and then select "View Frame Source" (See Video) 
  5. CTRL+F and then find "sessionKey" 
  6. Copy the value something like this "qtoDdhDfnwvKs_aQHva9Zw.1" 
  7. Complete Captcha and then hit submit button. Enjoy!
  8. Watch Full Tutorial of AlphaBetty Saga Inf. Gold Cheat
Visit GamiCC for Unlimited Gold Hack:

You can use this cheat alphabetty saga gold hack to buy lives and power-ups. Enjoy!

AlphaBetty Saga Cheat Download For Free, AlphaBetty Saga Gold Infinite Hack
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