Critical Ops Cheat Unli Ammo, No Recoil & No Spread Hack V16

Critical Ops on facebook cheat

Critical Ops Cheat Unlimied Ammo, No Recoil & No Spread Hack Updated

The CEtrainer V6 has been tested and working as of 12/14/16. Credits CheatBrasil

If the cheat is patched, PM us for an update on facebook or comments below.

Info Update:  Critical Ops Hack Update Friday, ‎‎December 14, ‎2016. Update Critical Ops Hack V16 Trainer

I removed Speedhack and Godmode to reduce the ban. use at you own risk.

I have added the Facebook Gameroom support. Just Enter the game, attach process and then enable hacks. Use Cheat Engine 6.5.1 or 6.6.

Features of Cheat Critical Ops:
  • Unlimited AMMO (Note: Enable after you fired some bullets)
  • No Recoil
  • No Spread
  • Kill Friends (removed)
  • Show Enemy on Minimap (new)
  • Anti-Hack (new)
  • Higher Damage
  • Firerate
  • Instant Reload
  • IronSigt For All Weapons
  • Knife Hack
  • Swap Weapons Faster
  • Remove shotgun bullet spread
  • Grenade

Download all requirements for Critical Ops Cheat:
  • CEtrainer Critical Ops Cheat V16 - Download
  • Alternative Libk Critical Opr Hack V16 - Download
  • Winrar and any browser (Chrome, Firefox or IE)
  • Cheat Engine 6.5.1 - Download
  • PASSWORD Visit here

Procedure to activate the Critical Ops Hack:
  1. Go to Game:
  2. Download and Install Cheat Engine.
  3. Download Critical Ops CEtrainer V1 above.
  4. Extract it where you want and then double click to run or Open CE and drag the CEtrainer in it.
  5. Attach process, plugin-container for FIREFOX. (For Chrome or Opera. do make sure no other tabs is opened before activate)
  6. Enable desired hack or just click on ENABLE ALL button. (read notes above about unli ammo) Have Fun!
  7. See Video Tutorial of Critical Ops Hack below for more info!

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Critical Ops Free Download Trainer

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