Cityville 2 Exp Level Cheat New

Cityville 2 Exp Level Cheat New Facebook

Cityville 2 Exp Level Cheat New

Credits: GalaxyHacker

Play Cityville 2 on facebook - Click here 


  1. Go to CityVille 2 on facebook
  2. Go to marked > Buildings
  3. Open Cheat Engine 6.1 or 6.2
  4. Select -plugin_container.exe(firefox) or FlashPlayerPlugin_11 (Watch: how to find correct process for google chrome - Click here)
  5. Value type '4 bytes'
  6. First Scan "415"
  7. Click the first address, hold SHIFT, Click the last address (to select all)
  8. Click the Red Arrow
  9. After that select all the addresses (Ctrl+A)
  10. Hit Enter key
  11. Change the number to 5000. (5000 won't crash your game or lower the value) 
  12. Build a cottage and you will gain 5000 citizen instead of 415. This way you will level up faster.
  13. HAVE FUN!!!
Cityville 2 Experience Hack on Facebook, Cityville-two

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