Monster Buster Cheats - Ultimate hack

Monster Buster Cheats - Ultimate hack
Monster Buster Cheats - Ultimate hack. by using this Monster Buster Hack you are able to finis any level easier. It's free to download and no survey.
Script Updated (02.08.14)

Requirements are available to download below:
  • Cheat Engine - Click here to download
  • Firefox/Chrome
  • Script 2014 - CLICK HERE or [Mirror2] // Wait 7 sec > Click Skip Ad > Click Download > wait a few secs again and then click download between 2 boxes.
Features of Monster Buster Hack:
  • Match3 is Match4
  • Speed Game
Steps below to know how to activate Monster Buster Cheat:
  1. Download the file(Script 2014) above.
  2. Extract the downloaded file into desktop
  3. Go to Monster Buster on facebook - CLICK HERE
  4. Open Cheat Engine
  5. Choose process. How to find the correct process - Click here
  6. Press CTRL+O and then select the file in desktop..
  7. (when loading had reached 90%, set Speedhack to 0 then click apply)
  8. Check the box below active tab (Speed Game) and remove the check mark on Speedhack to get back the game speed.
  9. Check match 3 and match 4.
  10. After all process is complete, let's play
  11. Enjoy!
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