Cube Wars Cheats // Damage, HP(Health) and Unlimited Ammo hack

Cube Wars on Facebook

Cube Wars Cheats Damage, HP & Unlimited Ammo hack. kill zombies and players/enemies easily by using this Cube Wars Hack. it will give you higher damage, HP and infinite bullets. it has been tested and working as of December 12, 2014. Credits: nyit-nyit

Download all the required tools below Cheat Engine and the CTfile that contains the Cube Wars Cheat. It has been tested using chrome but it works on firefox too. PM ask on fb to ask for an update if the hack got patched.

Requirements to activate Cube Wars Cheat:
Firstly, you must Install AobswapPlugin. VERY IMPORTANT!

Features of Cube Wars Hack:
  • Unlimited HP
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Damage Hack
  • Bypass
CT Steps: Dragons and Titans 
  1. Install AobswapPlugin.lua (See Video Tutorial Below)
  2. Play Cube Wars on Facebook -
  3. Download Cheat Engine and CT FILE from the links above.
  4. Select process "plugin-container.exe" for unity games. (Watch the video for chrome)
  5. Open the CT FILE (Cube Wars.ct)
  6. Reload the game.
  7. While loading, enable all the cheats or when you at the game lobby.
  8. You're done.
  9. Enjoy! Watch the videos below for clear tutorial!
Cube Wars on facebook
Video Tutorial of Cube Wars Cheat Damage, HP(Health) and Unlimited Ammo hack. Aobswap tutorial below to avoid errors.

AobswapPlugin.lua Install Tutorial to avoid the errors and implement cheats perfectly.

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