Olympic Games City Cheats - Level, Exp and coins cheat

Olympic Games City Cheats Level Exp coins cheat

Olympic Games City Cheats - Level, Exp and coins cheat


  • Charles – [link] – [ziddu]
  • Google Chrome

  1. Open Charles Web Proxy Debugger.
  2. Go to Olympic Games CityClick here
  3. In Charles, find and expand this line "http://olympic-london.appspot.com"
  4. To see "dispatch/"
  5. Right click and select "Breakpoints"
  6. Buy or build anything in the game.
  7. The breakpoints tab will appear.
  8. Go to the "Edit Request" tab > "Text" tab
  9. Find the words "Coins" and "Level"
  10. Look for coin%22%3Axxxx" (xxxx is the amount of coins)
  11. Change it to any amount you want.
  12. Then do the same for Level.
  13. Click Execute 2x.
  14. Do step 5 to remove active breakpoints.
  15. Reload the game.

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Olympic Games City Cheats- Level Exp coins cheat

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