Super Mechs - Cheats 1 Hit Kill (Updated 2015)

Super Mechs - Cheats 1 Hit Kill
Tested and working as of August 29, 2014

Requirements for SuperMechs:
  • Cheat Engine 
  • Firefox // Chrome
  • 32bit & 64bit - Click here
  • Super Mechs 2015 Cheat Visit - Click here
Features of SuperMechs:
  • OHK One hit hack (DMG hack)
Steps: Trainer of SuperMechs
  1. Go to Super Mechs
  2. Run CE and Open the cheat file that you've just download from link above.
  3. Choose browser
  4. Enable 1 hit hack.
Steps to enable SuperMechs Hack:
  1. Go to Super Mechs on facebook - Click here
  2. Open Cheat Engine, Choose process. How to find the correct process PID Click here
  3. Press CTRL+O and then select the file that that you downloaded...
  4. Check the box below ACTIVE TAB, ticked means sucess. Enjoy!

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