Ballistic Cheats - Damage, No Recoil, Ammo & Show Name Hack (Updated June 27, 2015)

Ballistic, Cheats, Damage, No Recoil, Ammo, & Show Name Hack

Ballistic Cheats - Damage, No Recoil, Ammo & Show Name Hack
Tested and working as of  June 2015

Ballistic on facebook working cheats.Download it now before it gets patched!
This trainer contains a lot of awesome hacks!

06/27/15 - Added V14 Added! (Download below!)
02/05/15 - Added V9 Added! (Download below!)
12/20/14 - Added V7 Added! (Download below!)
12/20/14 - Added V6 Added! (Download below!)
11/01/14 - .CT V3, Updated Show Player name and Unli Ammo & Grenade Only!
10/30/14 - .CT V2. Cheat Engine Method Steps and Videos Added.
10/15/14 - Show names and Inf. Ammo, Damage!
Do NOT abuse!

This CT method is so easy to learn, just watch the videos below and read the steps carefully. Have fun.

  • Show Player Name
  • Damage Hack
  • Headshot Cheat
  • Steady Crosshair
  • Infinite Ammo
  • No Recoil

Steps: .CT NEW!
  1. Go to Ballistic on facebook - click here
  2. Open Cheat Engine
  3. Attach process "Plugin-Container.exe"
  4. Watch the video for chrome to find correct process PID
  5. Open the file (ballistichackV.ct) that you've just downloaded from link above.
  6. Tick the boxes below active tab to enable cheats. X in box means successful
  7. Go to any mission and Enjoy!
  8. Watch the below for clear and more details tutorial !

Find the correct process for Google Chrome
  1. Open a new tab 
  2. Type in the adress bar "chrome://memory-redirect/" without the " 
  3. Press Enter 
  4. You should get a page with lots of numbers search on the left for "Plug-in | Unity Player" for Unity Games
  5. Copy the "PID" Example: 11100
  6. Open Calculator 
  7. Click on View select Programmer (ALT + 3) 
  8. Type in the Unity Player PID (Example : 11100) 
  9. When typing it has to be Dec,after u typed select Hex (11100 - 2B5C) 
  10. Open cheat engine and search for Chrome with the numbers you got from the Calculator 
  11. Done! Watch the videos for more details.
How to find process for Chrome. For Fixfox watch the video below!

How to find process for Firefox

Steps: Trainer
  1. Go to Ballistic on facebook - click here
  2. Open the cheat file that you've just download from link above.
  3. Choose browser
  4. Enable all cheats.(Check the boxes below active TAB)
  5. Have fun!
  6. Watch Video Below!
Ballistic Cheats Damage, No Recoil, Ammo & Show Name Hack

Video Tutorial Ballistic Cheats

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Ballistic Facebook Working Cheats on facebook, Download it now for free

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