Cafeland Cheat Cash Quest Hack 2015

Cafeland on facebook

Cafeland Cheat Cash Quest Hack 2015 Work. By this Cafeland Game hack you're able to finish any quest instantly and get the rewards. this has been tested using June 2015

This Cafeland Game Cash Cheat is no need any other tools only Cheat Engine.

Info Update: to implement cafeland cash hack correctly. Download all required tools, read the steps and watch the video below. It has been using chrome and firefox browsers and both work perfectly. 6/22/15

Tools to enable Cafeland Hack:
Cheat Engine Download
Winrar to extract files, Chrome, Firefox or IE

Follow this instruction to know how to activate Cafeland Hack:
- Download CE and go to Cafeland Game on facebook:
- In Cheat Engine, open process list (the blinking icon)
- Select the second(2nd) "FlashPlayerPlugin...", for chrome watch tutorial below.
- Go back to game, find any quest that you want to cheat. (Cost Cash to finish)
- In CE, scan the amount of the quest to instantly finish. Ex. 440.
- Too many addresses will be found. bring down those address.
Tip: click 1st addres, Hold shift-key and then click the last address to select multiple address. click the red arrow to bring them down.
Note: do NOT select Green and Red addresses.
- Change all addresses to "-9"
Tip: click one address below and then CTRL+A to select all.
- Buy the quest. Do NOT worry your cash will not get deducted.
- You will see in game that the quest is finished, do not click anything just reload the game.
- After reload, go to quest and get the reward. Enjoy!
Watch full video of Firefox Cafeland Cash Quest Hack below:
See video below for chrome users to cheat cafeland facebook game.

Tutorial to know how to get the correct PID on chrome to use in CE, Not cafeland but same process and watch video above for cheat steps.

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