Edgeworld Cheat - Unlimited HP Hack 2015

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Edgeworld Cheat - Unlimited HP Hack 2015. Features: Unlimited Health (Your units will not get any damage). This cheat Edgeworld Hack has been tested and working as of January 14, 2015

Defeat your mortal enemies by this hack and get Higher Force and XP, Resources (Crystal, Gas, Energy, Uranium) so easily.

Note: Before you use it, you need to install AobswapPlugin.lua in your Cheat Engine > Autoran Folder. Download the AobswapPlugin below and watch the tutorial below to know how to install or put it in Autoran Folder.

This hack requires Cheat Engine and CT file that can be downloaded from the links below!

Requirements hack tools for Edgeworld Hack:
Play Edgeworld Game on facebook: https://apps.facebook.com/edgeworld/


Cheat Alternative Link [CLICK HERE]

Cheats Requirements:
  1. Go to Edgeworld and Cheat Engine any version.
  2. See videos below for the tutorial to find the correct process Chrome and Firefox Browsers.
  3. Open the CT FILE (EdgeWorld Cheat V1) Ctrl+O to open
  4. Tick the boxes to enable cheats (Ticked or X means activated)
Video Tutorial EdgeWorld Cheat Tutorial Using Chrome. Visit chrome://memory-redirect to get PID

Edgeworld XP, Level, Resources, Force, Crystal, Gas, Energy, Uranium, Platinum, Edgeworld Instant Upgrade Research Units
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