Hero Sky Cheat Idle Enemy Defenses Hack Updated V5

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Hero Sky Cheat Idle Enemy Defense Hack Safe and Work 100%. the function of this Hero Sky Hack is to disable the defenses towers so that your units will not die This is free to download, no password and no survey.

Download and Install Cheat Engine to be able to run the Hero Sky Hack CEtrainer V5. It has been tested using firefox and it works 100%.

If you wanna use Hero Sky Hack CEtrainer on chrome browser do make sure only the game tab is open to execute the it correctly.

Updated Details:
Hero Sky Updated Tuesday, December 06, 2016. Update Hero Sky Hack V5 (HS V.5) Trainer

Requirements for Hero Sky Hack:
1. Cheat Engine 6.4 - Get Cheat Engine link
2. Winrar to extract the files
3. Download Hero Sky Cheat Tool (Free to download, no survey and no pass)
Free Download Hero Sky CETrainer V5 Link 1 - Free Download Hero Sky CETrainer V5 Link 2
4. Any browser but I use recommend Firefox

Note: This is very important. When you get an error using this cheat after the attack, it means the cheat needs an update. DO NOT TRY TO ATTACK AGAIN or else you'll not able to play in 1 month.

Features of this Hero Sky Cheat:
  • Freeze Enemies Cannons, Mortars and Watch Towers

Play Hero Sky Game on Facebook: https://apps.facebook.com/herosky/

Note: Defender Troops still attack you it only freeze the towers and cannons.

Steps of Enabling Hero Sky Hack:
1. Download and Install Program Cheat Engine.
2. Go to game on fb,
3. Download CEtrainer Cheat tool V1.
4. Open the HS CEtrainer and select process id.
- Choose chrome for chrome browser (Close all other tabs only game tab remain)
- Choose 'Firefox(Unity Game)' for FirefoxMozilla
5. Go back to tool and select the disable towers and then click on ENABLE. Enjoy!
6. Watch the Hero Sky Freeze Towers Hack video tutorial below:

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Get a lot of resources (Coins and Nectars) in Battle Mission and your troops will not die.
Get Reward Gems that will help you to buy builders and upgrades units and buildings instantly.
You troops will not die, so you need to use gems to revive them.

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