Go Fishing 2 Cheats - Instant Catch Fish (V1)

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Go Fishing 2 Cheats - Instant Catch Fish (Ultimate hack). by this Go Fishing Game hack you're able to catch fishes instantly. Tested and working as of November 07, 2014. by:CHEAT2DMAX


Feature of Go Fishing Hack:
  • Easy Pull // Catch // Capture
Cheat Requirements for Go Fishing Game:
Below is the tutorial to know how to activate go fishing instant pull cheat:
  1. Download the file above.
  2. Extract the downloaded file into desktop
  3. Play Go Fishing 2 game on facebook - [https://apps.facebook.com/world-of-fishing]
  4. Open Cheat Engine
  5. Open process list and choose between (FlashPlayerPlugin.exe or plugin-container)
  6. Watch the video for chrome
  7. Press CTRL+O and then select the file in desktop (gofishingcheat.ct)
  8. Check the cheat box. It activated when you see X ticked. Enjoy!
Go Fishing 2 CT IMAGE

Watch actual Go Fishing Instant Catch Cheat Process using Chrome:

Description: Go Fishing Pull Fishes Instant is easy to do just install Cheat Engine and CT file above and watch the video if you are newbie. Enjoy!

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