Desktop Defender Cheats, Hacks on facebook

Desktop Defender facebook

Desktop Defender Cheats and Hacks on facebook



  • Building cost 1
  • Free upgrades

Maxed out Pellet Towers.


Charles web proxy debugger

Click here to download the swf file.

  1. Open Charles
  2. Go to Desktop Defender on facebook - click here
  3. Find and right click game-v166.swf and choose MAP LOCAL (xx is random numbers)
  4. Look “Map To” , Click “Choose” , Open swf file
  5. And Click “OK”
  6. Clear Browser Cache
  7. Reload  Desktop Defender
  8. HAVE FUN!
How to clear browser cache (shortcut key: hold ctrl+shift+delete)
Mozilla Firefox:
Click Tools > Clear Recent History > Check Cache > Press Clear Now
Google Chrome:
Click Tools Icon (at the top right) > Click Options > Under The Hood > Clear Browser Cache

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